Range Rover Vogue History

While the Land Rover brand has existed since 1948 in some form or another.  While the first prototype was developed in 1967, it was not until 1970 that the first Range Rover was rolled off the production line.  Since inception, there have been a total of three Range Rover platforms, each successive platform more impressive than the prior.

The first Range Rover Vogue platform lasted from 1970 to 1995 and is commonly referred to as the “Range Rover Classic”.  It was rather utilitarian in nature lacking most of the luxury features we commonly associate with the brand today. 

1981 - Four door version was released helping to make it more mainstream than the two door predecessor
1983 – Three-speed gearbox becomes an option
1983 – “In Vogue” edition of the Range Rover is released as a premium model
1986 – Lucas electronic fuel injection is introduced alleviating the reliance on carburetors
1986 – First Range Rover Diesels are introduced
1992 – Air Ride Suspension is made available as an option on higher end trim packages (LSE)
1992 – A new high end trim package with more creature comforts is launched in the UK, dubbed the Range Rover LSE
1992 – Range Rover 200Tdi turbocharged diesel engine is released
1994 - Range Rover 300Tdi turbocharged diesel engine is released

The second Range Rover Vogue platform is the one most consumers have grown to know and love from high profile celebrities to movies, this platform helped re-launch the brand put it on an even footing with the G Wagon and other premium luxury SUVs.  Despite taking a twenty five years between major platform changes, the second generation would remain in production for just eight short years.

1995 – 2.5 liter 6 cylinder BMW engine is made available
1999 – Bosch engine management system from the BMW 7 series comes standard
1999 – 4WD with Traction Control comes standard

During this period of time, Range Rover would also launch a series of highly prized regional special edition models including Anniversary Edition, Holland Edition, Range Rover Bordeaux, Range Rover Westminster, Range Rover Borrego, Range Rover Vitesse and the Range Rover Rhino.

2002 was the launch of the third Range Rover platform and the one we commonly see roaming the streets today.  This newest version of the Range Rover dubbed the L322 was can be attributed to BMW and saw a series of upgrades in look and feel many of which were adapted from existing BMW models.  Many of these enhancements are still visible and have helped to define the current 2010 Range Rover Vogue.  Some notable improvements since 2002 include:

2005 – Supercharged 4.2 Liter Engine offered
2006 – Infotainment system offered, featuring rear view camera, touchscreen navigation, satellite  radio and more
2009 – Full active TFT LCD screen replaces all previous analog devices

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